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We’re very happy with our new garden office and with the whole building experience. Communication with Artur was excellent. We truly like how the finished product looks. The folks who came were courteous and expert, and they built us a high-quality garden office. Highly recommended.

Stanley Reads

We had an extraordinary experience with Master Garden Office. It was a pleasure to work with Artur during our consultations and ongoing design thoughts. The installation team did a great job and we are delighted with the quality of our garden office. It is extremely comfortable and furthermore it looks incredible.

owen Allingham

Master Garden Office was an absolute pleasure to deal with all the way. My garden office was delivered exactly how I requested and in a very short time. Very pleased with the service and craftsmanship. 10/10 would recommend to anyone in need of a quality constructed and visually pleasing garden office or studio.

Cory Degen

Garden Rooms London - Garden office London

Garden Office - Working-from-home

On average, people who work from a home office are interrupted every 15 minutes. Separating your office from your living space is one of the best decisions you can make to increase your productivity. With a Garden Office, you can minimize your distractions.


A 100 square foot office can cost you in the range of £2000 and £4000 every month, depending on the business property area and amenities.. If we we include the cost of commuting and parking, the cost can easily rise to £4300 per month. Over two years, that’s £103,200.


There’s evidence of benefits that correlate less time spent commuting with such as less stress and better cardiovascular health. Imagine getting to work in seconds. Think about the convenience of having your office few steps from your front door for whenever inspiration comes.


The garden office will not only save you a really high rent in terms of existing prices in London, but it will also add value to your property.
If at some point it were necessary to change location and sell your home, there is no doubt that its value would be higher.


We use sheds for storing garden tools. A garden office is a custom designed and built inspiring space that permits you to work in comfort all year round and store there the tools for success in your career such as, creativity, efficiency and productivity etc.


We will not use some prototype everybody is using. Your garden office space will be as unique as you are. We will design (together) a space that fits your needs and you feel comfortable with, then you can choose your siding, stain, flooring, and interior paint according to your taste.

Garden Rooms London - Garden Office London

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